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Undergraduate Course Prefixes
AC Accounting HI History
AN Anthropology HS Homeland Security
AR Art HU Humanities
BE English as a Second Language IS Information Systems Management
BI Biology ITA Italian
BU Business Administration MA Mathematics
CH Chemistry MU Music
CL Classical Studies PE Physical Education
CM Communications PH Physics
CJ Criminal Justice PL Philosophy
CS Computer Science PO Political Science
CX Computer Skills PS Psychology
DA Dance RS Religious Studies
EC Economics SC Integrated Science
ED Education SD Skills Development
EN English SL Service Learning
ES Exercise Science SO Sociology
ESL English as a Second Language SP Spanish
FR French SW Social Work
GO Geography THRM Tourism, Hospitality & Rec Mgmt
GP Gerontology TS Team Sports
HE Holistic Health WS Women's Studies

Graduate Course Prefixes
AC Accounting HH Holistic Health
BI Biology HS Homeland Security
BU Business Administration IS Information Systems Management
CPS Counseling Psychology MA Mathematics
EC Economics PS Psychology
ED Education SA Substance Awareness
EDC New Code Education    
EDS Special Education    
EMBA Executive MBA    
HC Health Care Management    

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