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Georgian Court University Writing Intensive Section Schedule
2019 / Fall
BI219WI:MicrobiologyLaboratoryO1WI0Main12212M 2:00PM 4:35PM GCUEsposito, M.JH - 227
 WI:MicrobiologyLaboratoryO2WI0Main7012W 2:00PM 4:35PM GCUEsposito, M.JH - 227
 WI:MicrobiologyLaboratoryO3WI0Main12012W 11:00AM 1:35PM GCUEsposito, M.JH - 227
BU241WI:Prinof MarketingLecture01WI3Main16020TR 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUMungale, A.FC - TBA
 Prin of MarketingLecture02WI3Main16020TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUMungale, A.FC - TBA
BU319WI:Bus & Prof EthicsLecture01WI3Main20120MW 2:00PM 3:15PM GCUCarroll, J.FC - TBA
 Bus & Prof EthicsLecture35WI3Main20020M-HY 5:45PM 7:35PM GCUCarroll, J.FC - TBA
BU491WI: BusStrat&PolicyLecture35WI3Main19020W-HY 5:45PM 7:35PM GCUPawlish, M.FC - TBA
CH241WI:Quant. AnalysisLaboratory01WI0Main5012W 9:30AM 1:20PM GCUWeber, A.JH - 265
        TR 12:30PM 1:45PM   JH - TBA
CH304WI: Chemical LitLecture70WI2Main4012OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineWeber, A.Online - OFFCAM
EN114WI:AmerLitSince1865Lecture01WI3Main20220MW 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUHausmann, J.To Be Announced - TBA
 WI:AmerLitSince1865Lecture70WI3Main20620OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineHarmon, K.Online - OFFCAM
 WI:AmerLitSince1865Lecture71WI3Main20520OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineHarmon, K.Online - OFFCAM
EN176WI:BritLitsince1785Lecture01WI3Main17020TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUMcDonald, R.To Be Announced - TBA
EN190WI:TopContPostcolonLecture30WI3Main12020W-HY 12:30PM 1:45PM GCURader, P.MER - TBA
EN215WI:Creative WritingLecture30WI3Main16020R-HY 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUWedlock, K.JH - TBA
EN226HNRSWI:NatTranAmLitLecture01HW3Main19020MW 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUHausmann, J.To Be Announced - TBA
EN250WI:ThePowerofGrammarLecture01WI3Main15020MW 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUBrano, A.JH - TBA
EN418WI:African DiasporaLecture01WI3Main7020TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCURader, P.MER - 103
GEN199WI:Discover the SelfLecture01WI3Main17020TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCURivera, J.To Be Announced - TBA
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture02WI3Main19020MW 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUKatz, C.To Be Announced - TBA
GEN400WI:Visioning FutureLecture01WI3Main20720M 9:30AM 12:05PM GCUQuinn, E.To Be Announced - TBA
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture02WI3Main20120W 11:00AM 1:35PM GCUSardone, N.To Be Announced - TBA
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture03WI3Main20320MW 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUCappucci, P.To Be Announced - TBA
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture04WI3Main20020TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCURader, P.To Be Announced - TBA
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture70WI3Main201320OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineSchaefer, B.Online - OFFCAM
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture71WI3Main201420OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineMcQuillen, C.Online - OFFCAM
 WI:Visioning FutureLectureHZ1W3Main6020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineFesta, L.Online - OFFCAM
 WI:Visioning FutureLectureHZ2W3Main14020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineDonnelly, J.Online - OFFCAM
 WI:Visioning FutureLectureHZ3W3Main10020R 5:00PM 7:35PM Site:Hazlet CtrGiarratano, A.
IN201ExploringInterdiscStLectureHZWI3Main5020R-HY 5:00PM 7:35PM Site:Hazlet CtrFroriep, K.
NU343WI:EvidProfNursPracLecture01WI3Main25028M 2:00PM 4:30PM GCUBoxer, B.JH - TBA
 WI:EvidProfNursPracLecture35WI3Main25028M-HY 5:00PM 7:30PM GCUBoxer, B.JH - TBA
 WI:EvidProfNursPracLectureMDWI37.5WK2SESS0010OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineTBA, ..Online - OFFCAM
 WI:EvidProfNursPracLectureNSWI3Main14032R 8:00AM 10:30AM GCUFleming, K.JH - TBA
NU471WI:EviLeadshpMgtNursLecture01WI3Main28033W 9:30AM 11:10AM GCUTBA, ..
 WI:EviLeadshpMgtNursLectureHZWI3Main2010R-HY 5:00PM 6:40PM Site:Hazlet CtrTBA, ..Hazlet Center - TBA
SC115Sci,Tech&SocietyLecture70WI3Main5020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineSchaefer, B.Online - OFFCAM
SW295WI:CommSkillsSocWorkLecture01WI3Main20320TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUSherman, M.JH - 105
WS311WI:ShapLives:WomGenLecture01WI3Main20020TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUNinivaggi, C.RH -
 WI:ShapLives:WomGenLecture12WI3Main18020R 7:15PM 9:50PM GCUBarberi, T.
Course Section Schedule