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Georgian Court University Writing Intensive Section Schedule
2019 / Spring
BI219WI: MicrobiologyLaboratory02WI0Main12012M 2:00PM 4:35PM GCUEsposito, M.JH - 227
 WI: MicrobiologyLaboratory12WI0Main9020M 5:00PM 7:35PM GCUEsposito, M.JH - 227
BI327WI:SpTp:MedicalMicroLec&Lab01WI4Main16016WF 11:00AM 1:35PM GCUEsposito, M.JH - 228
BI443WI:Capstone Exper BALecture01WI2Main13014R 5:30PM 7:10PM GCUWootton, L.JH - 221
BI444WI:Capstone Exp BioLecture01WI2Main8012W 9:00AM 10:40AM GCUWootton, L.JH - 221
 WI: CapstoneExperBioLecture02WI2Main809M 2:00PM 3:40PM GCUWootton, L.JH - 221
BU319WI:Bus & Prof EthicsLecture01WI3Main18025TR 3:30PM 4:45PM GCUCarroll, J.FC - 205
BU491WI: BusStrat&PolicyLecture01WI3Main26025MW 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUPawlish, M.FC - 207
CJ331WI:RsrchMethCrimJustLecture01WI3Main6025TR 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUMogavero, M.WC - 305
CJ495WI:SeniorSem:CrimJusLecture30WI3Main14020M-HY 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUSheridan, M.JH - 165
EN190WI: TopContPostcolonLecture01WI3Main19020TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCURader, P.MER - 103
EN260WI: Expl Child LitLecture30WI3Main16020T-HY 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUChismar, C.JH - 206
EN375WI:Multi-Ethn Lit USLecture70WI37.5WK1SESS14020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineRader, P.
GEN199WI:Discover the SelfLecture01WI3Main20020MW 8:00AM 9:15AM GCUSchaefer, B.RH - 201
 WI:HNRS:DiscoverSelfLecture02HW3Main20020MW 8:00AM 9:15AM GCUGross, M.JH - 104
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture03WI3Main21020MW 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUIvaliotis, C.FC - 214
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture04WI3Main19020TR 8:00AM 9:15AM GCUWedlock, K.RH - 209
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture05WI3Main20020TR 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUWedlock, K.RH - 209
 WI:HNRS:Disc SelfLecture06HW3Main18020TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUHausmann, J.JH - 206
 WI:HNRS:Disc SelfLecture07HW3Main14020TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCURivera, J.JH - 165
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture08WI3Main21020MW 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUMills, M.RH - 209
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture09WI3Main20020MW 8:00AM 9:15AM GCUCoppola, M.RH - 209
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture10WI3Main21020MW 9:30AM 10:45AM GCUCoppola, M.RH - 209
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture12WI3Main19020T 5:00PM 7:35PM GCUMarkland, K.JH - 128
 WI:Discover the SelfLecture70WI3Main21020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineWedlock, M.
 WI:Discover the SelfLectureNS2W3Main13016M-HY 12:45PM 2:00PM Site: New SeminaryIvaliotis, C.
 WI:Discover the SelfLectureNSWI3Main20020M-HY 12:45PM 2:00PM Site: New SeminaryMills, M.
GEN400WI:Visioning FutureLecture01WI3Main19020TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCURivera, J.JH - 165
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture02WI3Main18020MW 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUBowditch, B.FC - 211
 WI:HNR:Vision FutureLecture03HW3Main8020W 11:00AM 1:35PM GCUSardone, N.RH - 201
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture04WI3Main20020M 9:30AM 12:05PM GCUQuinn, E.RH - 201
 WI:Visioning FutureLecture12WI3Main20020T 5:00PM 7:35PM GCUCappucci, P.JH - 119
 WI:Visioning FutureLectureCCWI3Main20020M-HY 11:00AM 12:15PM Site:Cumberland CounJoseph, J.
 WI:Visioning FutureLectureHZ2W3Main20020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineHarmon, K.
 WI:Visioning FutureLectureVCWI3Main20020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineDonnelly, J.
HST475WI: History SeminarSeminar12WI3Main14015T 5:00PM 7:00PM GCUBennett, S.JH - 220
IN401WI: Sem Interdisc StSeminar30WI3Main9015M-HY 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUChinery, M.JH - 128
NU343WI:EvidProfNursPractLecture01WI3Main25040M 2:00PM 4:30PM GCUBoxer, B.JH - 208
 WI:EvidProfNursPractLectureHZWI3Main1012R-HY 5:00PM 6:40PM Site:Hazlet CtrKennard, D.
NU471WI:EvidLeaderMgtNursLecture01WI3Main24027W 8:00AM 9:40AM GCUWurmser, T.JH - 205
 WI:EvidLeaderMgtNursLectureMDWI37.5WK1SESS9010TBA 12:00AM 12:00AM Site:Meridian HealthWurmser, T.
 WI:EvidLeaderMgtNursLectureNSWI3Main17017W 10:00AM 11:40AM GCUWurmser, T.JH - 205
RS401WI:SemReligiousThougLecture01WI3Main4010TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUGower, J.JH - 220
SC115WI: Sci,Tech&SocietyLecture70WI3Main13018OL 12:00AM 12:00AM Site: OnlineSchaefer, B.
SW310WI: Meth of SW RsrchLecture01WI3Main15024TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUSherman, M.JH - 105
            Sherman, M.JH - 128
WS311WI: ShapLives:WomGenLecture01WI3Main20020TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUNinivaggi, C.RHC - 102
Course Section Schedule