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Georgian Court University Section Schedule
2023 / Winter
GEN400WI:Visioning FutureLectureA01310WkSessio0022OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUDonnelly, J.Online - BbView Book Info
NU111Intro Prof NursingLectureA01310WkSessio0024M 8:00AM 11:45AM GCULaFleur, M.RHC - 102View Book Info
NU211Fndns Prof NursingLaboratoryA011010WkSessio008R 8:00AM 11:45AM GCUCass, M.HH - 207View Book Info
Fndns Prof NursingLaboratoryA012010WkSessio008R 8:00AM 11:45AM GCUEwtushek, D.MAB - 102View Book Info
Fndns Prof NursingLaboratoryA013010WkSessio008R 8:00AM 11:45AM GCUEdinger, J.HH - 205View Book Info
Fndns Prof NursingLectureA01410WkSessio0024R 12:30PM 4:15PM GCUHolden, S.RHC - 102View Book Info
NU221Health AssessmentLaboratoryA011010WkSessio008W 12:00PM 3:45PM GCUTBA, ..HH - 205View Book Info
Health AssessmentLaboratoryA012010WkSessio008W 12:30PM 4:15PM GCUEwtushek, D.MCYHLL - MHLABView Book Info
Health AssessmentLaboratoryA013010WkSessio008W 12:00PM 3:45PM GCULuick, M.MAB - 101View Book Info
Health AssessmentLectureA01310WkSessio0024W 9:00AM 11:30AM GCUTBA, ..MAB - 104View Book Info
NU275PathophysiologyLectureA01310WkSessio0024T 12:30PM 4:15PM GCUHarvey, J.HH - 110View Book Info
NU322NsgCareChildbearFamLaboratoryA011010WkSessio008R 8:00AM 3:30PM Site:Off CampusTBA, ..View Book Info
NsgCareChildbearFamLaboratoryA012010WkSessio008R 8:00AM 3:30PM Site:Off CampusTBA, ..View Book Info
NsgCareChildbearFamLectureA01410WkSessio0015M 9:00AM 11:40PM GCUBradle, J.HH - 110View Book Info
NU371EvidNursCareAdult IILaboratoryA011010WkSessio008F 9:00AM 3:45PM GCUIonescu, D., Quevedo, M., Duke, P.MAB - 101View Book Info
EvidNursCareAdult IILaboratoryA011010WkSessio008W 7:00AM 7:00PM Site:Off CampusIonescu, D., Quevedo, M., Duke, P.View Book Info
EvidNursCareAdult IILaboratoryA012010WkSessio008F 9:00AM 3:45PM GCUIonescu, D., Quevedo, M., Duke, P.MAB - 102View Book Info
EvidNursCareAdult IILaboratoryA012010WkSessio008W 7:00AM 7:00PM Site:Off CampusIonescu, D., Quevedo, M., Duke, P.View Book Info
EvidNursCareAdult IILectureA01810WkSessio0015T 8:30AM 12:15PM GCUMcVey, C.HH - 110View Book Info
NU380Pharm IILectureA01210WkSessio0015M 12:30PM 3:10PM GCULaFleur, M.RHC - 102View Book Info
NU471EvidBasedLdrshp&MgtLaboratoryA011010WkSessio008TBA 12:00AM 12:00AM Site:Off CampusEwtushek, D.View Book Info
EvidBasedLdrshp&MgtLaboratoryA012010WkSessio008TBA 12:00AM 12:00AM Site:Off CampusPhillips, M.View Book Info
EvidBasedLdrshp&MgtLaboratoryA013010WkSessio008TBA 12:00AM 12:00AM Site:Off CampusMcVey, C.View Book Info
EvidBasedLdrshp&MgtLectureA01310WkSessio0024M 8:00AM 11:45AM GCUWurmser, T.MAB - 104View Book Info
NU472SeniorSemProfNursingLectureA01310WkSessio0024M 3:00PM 6:45PM GCUEgan, J.MAB - 104View Book Info
NU496TransitionClinNursngLaboratoryA011010WkSessio008TBA 12:00AM 12:00AM Site:Off CampusMcNicholas, M.View Book Info
TransitionClinNursngLaboratoryA012010WkSessio008TBA 12:00AM 12:00AM Site:Off CampusWesch, P.View Book Info
TransitionClinNursngLaboratoryA013010WkSessio008TBA 12:00AM 12:00AM Site:Off CampusCeylan, S.View Book Info
TransitionClinNursngLectureA01610WkSessio0024M 12:00PM 2:40PM GCUHarvey, J.MAB - 104View Book Info
PS111Intro to PsychologyLectureCTC33WEEK0020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCULucas, D.Online - BbView Book Info
PS334Social PsychologyLecture7033WEEK2020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUStein, L.Online - BbView Book Info