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Georgian Court University Service Learning Section Schedule
2021 / Fall
BI305Bio Interact.: Ecol.Lec&Lab014Main12016MW 8:00AM 10:35AM GCUGemmell, D.JH - 228
ED2999Field Exper Spec EdLaboratory121Main15015M-HY 4:30PM 7:05PM GCULorusso, P.RHC - 102
ED4214CollabFamSchElSpEdLecture123Main8015R-HY 4:30PM 7:05PM GCUSmorra, M.RHC - 102
 CollabFamSchElSpEdLectureHZ123Main3015W-HY 7:45PM 9:45PM Site:Hazlet CtrMcNamara, S.
ED4215CollabFamSchSecSpEdLecture123Main3015R-HY 4:30PM 7:05PM GCUSnyder, D.MER - 103
EE4302ECE Clinical PractField Exp709Main5015* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUKumer, L., Lorusso, P., McConnell, A.
HH501Found.HolisticHealinLecture7537.5WK111020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUPelicci, G.Online - Bb
HH502Adv.Heal.MethLecture7537.5WK211020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUBurns, J.Online - Bb
HH520Energy MedicineLecture7537.5WK14020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUPelicci, G.Online - Bb
HST312U.S.Pol&Soc1890-1945Lecture013Main17015TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUBennett, S.JH - 221
HST331Vietnam & AmericaLecture703Main12015OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUBennett, S.Online - Bb
HST369Europ Hist 1789-1914Lecture013Main15015MW 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUKeene, J.JH - 221
IDS201WI:ExplorInterdiscStLecture303Main17020M-HY 7:15PM 9:15PM GCUFroriep, K.JH - 119
 WI:ExplorInterdiscStLectureHZ303Main1020R-HY 5:00PM 7:00PM Site:Hazlet CtrFroriep, K.
IH305FoundHlthWellCoachLecture013Main8020MW 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUKomagata, S.WC - 305
IH320Healing MethodsLecture013Main6020TR 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUBurns, J.JH - 165
IH350SpTp:Energy TherapyLecture703Main18020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUMcMurray, S.Online - Bb
IH380HealthandEnvironmentLecture7037.5WK221020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUBurns, J.Online - Bb
MA115Calculus ILecture014Main10018TR 8:45AM 10:50AM GCUAryal, S.JH - 205
MA209Linear AlgebraLecture013Main6018TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUNemani, S.JH - 134
MA215Calculus IIILecture014Main4018MW 8:50AM 10:55AM GCUNemani, S.JH - 134
MA311Intro AbstractAlg ILecture013Main4018MW 11:00AM 12:40PM GCUNemani, S.JH - 134
MA321Found. of GeometryLecture013Main2018TR 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUAryal, S.JH - 205
MA400Math Scndry Schl TchLecture013Main1018MW 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUAryal, S.JH - 104
MA401Intro to AnalysisLecture013Main8018MW 9:05AM 10:45AM GCUAryal, S.JH - 104
PS221Child&AdolescentDevLecture703Main19220OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUBrown, T.Online - Bb
PS245Psych of Excpt ChildLecture353Main14020M 7:15PM 9:50PM GCUWinters, A.JH - 134
PS455WI:Senior SeminarSeminarHZ123Main11012R 5:00PM 7:35PM Site:Hazlet CtrClark, C.
RS220HNRS:Christian TradLecture033Main17024MW 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUGower, J.JH - 208
RS334Theological EthicsLecture013Main19020MW 11:00AM 12:15PM GCUGower, J.JH - 208
SL100Service Learning 0crServLearn010Main1018* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUBarberi, T.Online - Bb
 Service Learning 0crServLearn030Main1020* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUBrown, T.
 Service Learning 0crServLearn060Main2040* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUFroriep, K.
 Service Learning 0crServLearn090Main2020* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUKomagata, S.
 Service Learning 0crServLearn170Main2025* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUWinters, A.
 Service Learning 0crServLearn180Main1016* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUGemmell, D.
 Service Learning 0crServLearn200Main3020OL 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUDiGeronimo, N.Online - Bb
 Service Learning 0crServLearn220Main1044* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUChen, V.
 Service Learning 0crServLearn230Main2012* 12:00AM 12:00AM GCUClark, C.Online - Bb
SP425WI:Lat Am Lit ILecture303Main7012T-HY 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUQuinn-Sanchez, K.MER - 103
SW101Foundations Soc WorkLecture303Main20020M-HY 12:30PM 1:45PM GCUSherman, M.JH - 104
SW253HumanRightsSocJustLecture013Main6020M 12:30PM 3:15PM GCUQuinn, E.JH - 205
SW361Mental HealthLecture013Main22120R 11:00AM 1:45PM GCUSherman, M.JH - 104
WS311WI:ShapLives:WomGenLecture353Main17020R-HY 7:15PM 9:15PM GCUBarberi, T.JH - 165
Course Section Schedule